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What is it?

This website is a crowdfunding platform sponsored by your Church to raise funds for projects within your Church, whether for individual needs, small group needs or the needs of the whole Church.


The basis for this concept is found in the Bible (Acts 2:44-45, Acts 4:34-35, Hebrews 13:16, James 2:15-16) where the early church established and promoted practices that ensured no one among them was left behind in any need.

Over time this practice unfortunately changed into one way financial support for the church as an institution and its paid staff with little or no attention given to the needs of its congregation members. This has resulted in lack of efficient ways for congregation members to receive support from the church or from one another. Our research1 has shown that only 12% of church-goers in the UK today would consider turning to their church for help in a financial need - a far cry from the early church practices described in the Bible.

This site exists to change this and provide efficient means of funding for any needs within the Church.

How does it work?

Each need within the Church is expressed as a "project" with a specific amount of money required in order to meet that need. Once the requested amount is donated or the project expires, the project will be closed.

To publish a new project:

  1. Register on the website or Log In.
  2. Create a new project - state clearly the reason for your need, indicate how much money you require and when you need it by. Submit the project for review once you're happy with how the project appears on the site.
  3. Someone from your Church will contact you shortly to discuss your project. The project will be published once it's been confirmed that the need is genuine and the amount requested appropriate.

Anyone can support the projects that are published on the website. Any donations made will be transferred immediately and in full2 to the beneficiary.

For additional questions please refer to our FAQ.

1 Based on a Christian Research survey of 1148 UK Christians conducted in April, 2017. Other independent research conducted by Evangelical Alliance in 2012 has found even lower statistics.
2 Minus any fees taken by our third party payment provider in order to process the transaction.